My practice explores the intersection between drawing and painting, investigating how a graphical sensibility can interact within the world of abstraction. An expressive release is vital, capturing a sense of life and energy in the interaction between marks and shapes.

Drawing brings a simplicity and directness that is a crucial starting point. Working quickly in the sketchbook, I then transfer the marks up in scale to act as a structure for larger canvases. Stencilling, tracing and printing techniques all come in to play here, as I experiment with new ways to create marks and approach the creation of a final image.


During the summer of 2015 I swapped my studio in Streatham for a move to the Lake District, Cumbria. This new setting is providing me with a wealth of sights and experiences to feed off, as I investigate how the natural world can influence abstraction. The idea of a 'motif' drawn from nature will be a key ingredient, exploring how the moods and textures of the outdoors can find a connection with the more graphical elements within my practice.  

In March 2016 I will be undertaking a residency at the Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn in Langdale, Cumbria. The residency is part of a two person project with artist Robbie O'Halloran. Each artist will have a period of time on site to make work, culminating in a final exhibition and public talk surrounding Kurt Schwitters and the discipline of painting. We have set up a blog to track the development of the project - please visit for further information.